Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

HHF (Hora Hardware & Fasteners) HHF is committed to protect the privacy of visitors to this site. This page summarizes our privacy policy. 

General Principles

HHF gathers specific personal information that you supply voluntarily, such as information you supply by e-mail or when registering in a secure portion of this site, and automatically gathers information when you are accessing a secure portion of this site. Any personal information created, held or collected by HHF is protected under the fedral Privacy Act of India. This means that at any point of collection, HHF will require your consent to collect your personal information, and will inform you of the purpose for which it is being collected and of your right to access such information.

Your information will only be viewed by those persons at HHF who need that information for the purpose for which it was given. HHF will not disclose your information to anyone outside HHF without your consent or unless required by law. 

Electronic Mail

When you correspond with HHF using e-mail, HHF will use your e-mail address to respond to comments or questions. The information you provide by e-mail including your e-mail address and our response to your e-mail will be kept as long as HHF determines that it is necessary for its business purposes. To access your personal information, you may send an e-mail to HHF's office with a reference to the HHF Direct E-mail Correspondence Database.


To help protect our customers, HHF personnel have been instructed to only use official HHF domain e-mail ( to communicate for business purposes.

IP Address Tracking Software

HHF uses software that monitors site traffic and detects unauthorized attempts to upload or change information, or otherwise cause damage. The software is also used to collect identifiable and non-identifiable information to understand users' needs, develop customized products and services and manage and develop HHF's business and operations. The software receives and records the Internet Protocol (IP) addresses of the computers that have visited this site, including the date and time of visits, the pages that were viewed and downloaded and the identifier attributed to any registered user who accesses any restricted areas on this site. The software also captures other non-identifiable information such as type of browser, operating system, clock and resolution settings as well as other information based on your browser settings. HHF does not attempt to link any such non-identifiable information collected with any identifier attributed to any user who accesses the site unless there is an attempt to damage the site. HHF retains any personal information pertaining to registered users for as long as HHF determines that it is necessary for its business purposes. To access your personal information, you may send an e-mail to HHF's with a reference to the HHF Direct Client Tracking System. 


A cookie is a small file containing certain pieces of information that a web site creates when you visit a site. A cookie can track how and when you use a site. There are 2 common types of cookies, "session cookies" and "persistent cookies". Session cookies store information only for the length of time you are connected to a site and the information is not written or stored on your hard drive. Persistent cookies are written or stored on your hard drive until the expiry date of the cookie or until you manually delete the cookie from your hard drive.

HHF uses "persistent cookies". HHF records your User ID and information provided during registration and throughout your use of the site. On any subsequent visit to use this tool, you will be taken directly to the questionnaire and your previous information will be retrieved. HHF also uses persistent cookies to identify first time or subsequent users to the site and their language preference.

HHF also uses "session cookies" which are created when you are completing our online registration or payment forms. The information you supply on these forms and the related session cookie are destroyed once you close your web browser.

To register or pay online you must have your browser set to accept cookies.

HHF Opt-in Mailing List

If you indicate on any online HHF subscription or registration form that your name is to be added to HHF's mailing list, HHF will, from time to time, use your e-mail or regular mailing address to send you information on HHF's products and services. HHF may also collect the information that you provided on the subscription or registration form such as your name and name of your company (if applicable), your address, telephone and fax numbers and your language of preference. Where applicable, HHF may also collect any industry- and export related information you provide.

HHF retains this information for as long as you are a subscriber to the applicable mailing list. HHF will delete, except as otherwise indicated, the information after you are no longer a subscriber.

At any time by return e-mail or regular mail, you may direct HHF to, and HHF will, remove your name from HHF's mailing list.

To access your personal information, you may send an e-mail to HHF's office specifying the mailing list to which you are subscribing. 

Online Payment

At this time we are not accepting any payment online.

Additional Information

For questions or comments regarding this policy or for additional information about the administration of the Privacy Act at HHF, contact us by e-mail.

If you are not satisfied that we have adequately respected your privacy, you may wish to contact the office of the Privacy Commissioner.